Griffin Gorringe

Griffin Gorringe

Griffin’s Perthes story started 4 years ago when he was 6 years old. He had severe pain in the hip. We took him in for an x-ray and he was diagnosed with Toxic Synovitis. The pain got better and he returned to normal. A few months later he started having pain again that was not as severe so we stretched, rested, and it seemed to help. The pain persisted so we went in to the Pediatrician where he was diagnosed with Perthes. Griffin’s doctor put him on a wait and watch plan as he moved through the stages. He was playing on a competitive soccer team at the time and was devastated to find that he would have to stop playing. He quickly became withdrawn and angry. We quickly shifted gears and sat down to change our focus away from what he was not able to do, but instead made a list of activities that he could do as well as some new skills. We needed to make this an opportunity for growth and resilience. 

Griffin started swimming and was quickly advanced enough to join a competitive team. He started taking piano lessons. We focused on the positive as we waited 1 1/2 years for his hip to move to regrowth. It was a glorious day to see that new bone growing! He was released to start more activity as long as pain did not some. He thrived and was quickly back playing all of the sports he loves.

Griffin had a surgery 1 year ago to place a plate in the trochanter for Guided growth of the trochanteric apophysis. He is thriving and doing well. I truly believe these kids and adults with Perthes are true warriors. Perthes presents many challenges that require patience, humility, hope, and a large dose of positivity. Griffin has an absolute appreciation and so much gratitude for all of the good days he is having. He plays with more heart that anyone out on the field because he knows what its like to lose something he loves and truly lives every day to its fullest!

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