Forum Guidelines

We value your contributions to our community and encourage you to use our forums to interact with others in the Perthes community whether it be parents, family, caregivers, or survivors. We also want to make sure that is a safe and trustworthy source the community. To help us with this goal please ensure your posts are:


To maintain a safe, family-friendly environment on our forums, we ask our members to limit their comments to courteous and respectful language at all times. Any posts that include sexually explicit comments, hate-speech, prejudiced remarks, or profanity will be removed. We also reject posts that advocate or describe participation in illegal activities and those containing graphic descriptions of death, injuries or violent criminal acts. Only members can post, members have to be at least 13 years or older.

Relevant to Perthes

Keep your forum posts relevant and helpful to Perthes. Please don’t include personally insulting language, smear campaigns, or any personal opinions about political, ethical, religious, or wider social issues. Questions regarding real estate purchases, long-term rentals, or solicitations for either will be removed.

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Please refrain from posting direct advertisements. Posts that are being offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money, will be removed. We reserve the right to reject specific content for any reason; this may include URLs, inappropriate or broken links, polls, and spam.

Solicitation for Donation

Sharing concerns and needs is exactly what these forums are all about. However, repeated solicitations for monetary aid or gifts in kind will be removed. Please contact us if you have a particular cause or fundraiser you would like to promote; we can find a way to work together to meet the goal!

Solicitation of Medical Advice

Legg Calve Perthes Foundation is charity organization. All content provided by LCPF,, is intended for informational purposes only. Neither LCPF nor any of its members can diagnose any disease or disorder or endorse or recommend any specific medical treatment. Any post specifically requesting medical diagnosis or advice will be removed. Furthermore, all post and comments shall be the “opinion” of the poster and may not constitute medical advice.

Respectful of Private Information

We respect your privacy and the privacy of your family. Please refrain from posting personal identifying information and consider using aliases when discussing minors in your family.

Ultimately we at the Legg Calve Perthes Foundation hope to provide a virtual community where those impacted by Perthes disease can share and connect. If you feel any of these policies are unfair or if content was removed in error, please contact us.

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You're not currently permitted to view this content. Please log-in or register in order to view the page.

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