Recently Diagnosed with LCPD?

Recently Diagnosed with LCPD?

Has your child recently been diagnosed with Legg Calve Perthes Disease? Are you feeling overwhelmed and looking for answers? We have your back!

  • As a parent of a child who received an unexpected rare disease diagnosis, it was entirely overwhelming. Then, a million questions followed….
  • Why my kid? How long will this take? Will she be OK? What about walking? What are our options for surgery? Is surgery necessary? How can I manage the pain without over using OTC medication? What foods will help minimize the pain and grow strong bones? Who else has this? Where can I find a support group? …

After the initial shock set it, I focused on learning as much as possible, much you are likely doing now! The intent behind the resources below are designed to help cover the bulk of questions and thoughts, answered by top surgeons, dieticians, nutritionist, therapists (physical and emotional!), other parents and more! to help aid in your journey.

We are always adding to our library of resources, please continue to come back and SHARE this page with other parents looking for additional resources and information.

Top Perthes Disease Resources


Alone we are rare. Together, we are #PerthesStrong.

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