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Occupational Therapy

Working with an Occupational Therapist can help a child continue doing the things that matter the most to him or her. Occupational therapy focuses on assisting a child in modifying acts of daily living to ensure independence throughout the disease process. Additionally OT can help adapt some of the family’s favorite hobbies, making them Perthes friendly. There are also adaptive equipment considerations for home or school during specific treatments such as bracing or post op.

Physical Therapy

Integrating regular physical therapy is a great way to relieve pain, increase strength, preserve or increase Range of Motion (ROM).  Initiating and maintaining a Home Exercise Program (HEP) should be based on orthopedist recommendation due to the stage of disease and patient’s age at onset.

Psychological Support

A healthy body can’t be achieved without a healthy mind. Chronic disorders take a toll on the patient and the whole family. Treatments can be scary. Labels can be isolating. Studies have shown a link between high levels of stress and decreased immunity, increased pain, and delayed healing times. It’s important to psychological resources available, maintain a social network, and engage in favorite activities, even if they have to be modified a little.

Diet and Nutrition

Good nutrition promotes healing. A balanced diet can support whole body health and affect mood, the immune system, muscles, and bones! It is important to provide essential vitamins and minerals for bone growth and strength. It is equally important to account for a change in activity level to make sure a child’s dietary needs are being fulfilled.

Navigating the School System

Healing from Perthes is a long journey. Having appropriate plans in place with the school system can ensure a child’s needs are met. Proactive planning with the school can mitigate hiccups from days missed due to pain or doctor’s appointments, provide for accessibility, as well as ensure a child is not asked to participate in activities contraindicated. Due to the rarity of Perthes disease, it may be necessary to educate the school system too.

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