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Tips for Fundraising, Advocating and Educating in your Community

Legg Calve Perthes Foundation is a member driven community, all touched by Perthes in some way. We strive to advocate for Perthes and educate others on this rare disease. Thank you for taking the time to be part of the journey and raise money and awareness. Through your efforts we can grow our foundation and create more programs to help children with Perthes disease.

Here we have provided a few examples and a quick guide to get started in your own community. Our “Where to Start” guide provides you with the basics to select a fundraiser or online campaign, collaborate with your community businesses, promote, and execute your fundraiser. We’ve included some information on the donation process, providing receipts, and IRS requirements too.

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Fundraising: Where to Start

Example Solicitation Letter

Example of Thank You Letter

Social Media Etiquette

Flyer: Bake Sale

Flyer: Play Group Fundraiser

Flyer: Dance Fundraiser

Flyer: Blue Ribbon Awareness

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