What is Perthes.org?

What is Perthes.org?

As we enter into November, Perthes.org wants to share what we’re most thankful for. At Perthes.org, we’re thankful for YOU! In the past year we’ve grown and met goals like delivering whole-patient and whole-family care information free to the online community. We want to say “thanks” and let you know we’re holding true to our mission of “education, advocacy, and awareness” in 2019.

What is Perthes.org?

In 2017 the Legg-Calve-Perthes Foundation was formed though we primarily do business as Perthes.org because…what’s more simple than that?

Perthes.org is an online resource where parents of kids with diagnosed or suspected Perthes or similar rare disease will have free, secure access to personalized information, the wisdom of other parents, and the knowledge of experts to learn about the “what is” and the “how to” of their kids’ needs.

Who reads the fine print anyway?!

Our terms clearly state that Perthes.org is solely representing itself and is not affiliated with any other non-profit, research group, hospital center or facility. However, we do have strong alliances within these communities which help us advocate for Perthes disease and all rare diseases.

Sometimes we share an article or post from an allied site or organization and when we do, we have permission and give credit. In most cases we provide links to the original content because “the more you know, the more you grow.”

We use cookies. Mostly chocolate chip but occasionally an oatmeal. We use tracking cookies in compliance with standard practices to allow pages to load quickly and let you pick up where you left off. We never use it to gather personal information and would never solicit our subscribers or sell your information.

What’s the catch?

We offer curated information for parents and patients dealing with Perthes (whether currently undergoing treatment or long ago) and we do so free of charge. We create and curate content. We make it available for you to use and share and we find joy when we notice our graphics and content has “grown legs” so to speak.

Feel free to use our content and graphics to promote Perthes awareness around the globe. However, please refrain from claiming it as your own or using it in conjunction with fundraising for another organization.

Perthes.org has no paid staff; 100% of funds raised are returned directly into advocacy efforts like the Family Assistance Fund, research, and education events such as the Family Conference.



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